Although I always preferred books to video games, I am continually impressed with the staying power of the computer and Nintendo games I played growing up. One of those near-perfect games was The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

While game designers are experts in plucking the reward centers of the adolescent brain, the presence of world-class music compositions elevated the experience of using a small plastic joystick to run from objective to objective. The simple tunes, which you had to memorize and “play” during the course of the game to unlock items and passageways, are ingrained in my mind. I would know them anywhere, sooner than any song sung in school or even some popular music of the time.

Here’s a jazz rendition of a few of the themes from Ocarina of Time from the Toronto-based band BadBadNotGood. It’s beautiful even without hours invested in a twenty year old Japanese video game.