The Mowgli’s with Lights at House of Blues

by Alx Bear on November 5, 2015

Mowgli's-1-2The seven-piece hippie outfit, The Mowgli’s, plays at House of Blues Friday night. Three and a half years after their debut album, Sound the Drum, the group is on tour promoting their newest feel-good record, Kids in Love.

Mowgli's-2The band- Colin Louis Dieden (vocals, guitar), Katie Jayne Earl (vocals, percussion), Dave Appelbaum (keyboards), Josh Hogan (guitar, vocals), Matthew Di Panni (bass), Spencer Trent (guitar, vocals), and Andy Warren (drums)- uses a combination of catchy choruses, jubilant beats and reassuring harmonies to boost listeners’ spirits. Their vibes will swallow you up so you cannot help but clap and sing along.

Mowgli's-1While many are familiar with their hit “San Francisco,” few are aware of their mission to bring awareness and kindness to others. The group launched a social campaign called “Be a Mowgli,” which encourages people to perform good deeds and spread love. It is this combination of mood-raising music and a genuine drive to change the world that is refreshing amongst rockers.

Mowgli's-1-3The Mowgli’s will bring you to a better place than the state you were in before the set. They are your friends, your mom and your golden retriever and by the end they will have you chanting, “I’m good, I’m good, I’m good/ Living life just like I should.”