The New Orleans 48 Hour Film Project 2015

by Jordan McGuire on March 26, 2015

filmapalooza-webOne of the most innovative and challenging film contests will be held in New Orleans the weekend of July 24-26. The New Orleans 48 Hour Film Project is simple. Filmmakers will compete in hopes of making the best short film in only forty-eight hours. Filmmakers from New Orleans will be competing against others from around the world, vying for the prize of “Best 48 Hour Film of 2015.” Review the festival’s rules here.

Registration will begin Tuesday, May 19. Registering before Monday, June 29 is considered the Early Bird Registration which will run you $140. Paying subsequent to June 29, filmmakers will have to pay the Regular Registration of $160. Paying after Tuesday, July 14 will cost you $175.

Every year the 48 Hour Film Project houses film festivals and competitions in more than 100 cites worldwide. Each city’s top film will have a chance to advance and compete at Filmapalooza to be crowned the top dog of short films. Here are the winners from last year’s event. Visit the festival’s Facebook page here or you can check out the official website here.