The Vampire Diaries Returns This Fall for Season 7 Without One of Its Stars

by Meghan McGee on August 6, 2015

Spoilers ahead. No one wants to see their favorite character face death. Fans of one of the most popular shows on television experienced just that. With Elena in a deep sleep – one she may never return from – viewers of The Vampire Diaries are anxious, scared and desperate for answers.

It was a major shock to the fans of the show when Nina Dobrev announced she would be leaving and not returning for season seven. The last episode of season six would supposedly be Dobrev’s final episode. But Elena fans are waiting in the wings: she may return at any moment from her sleeping-beauty slumber, even for the series finale. Or if her career prospects elsewhere don’t look as great.

Shot in Georgia, this hit show returns to The CW in the fall, focusing more on Damon and Stefan’s time before the world of Mystic Falls, opening up more of their brotherhood. After saying their goodbyes to Elena, Damon and Stefan vow to never open her coffin and seal her off with a spell.

The theme of season six was sacrifice. Elena saved her best friend Bonnie’s life so she could live. As long as Bonnie is alive, Elena stays asleep. Damon also sacrifices getting Elena back for keeping Bonnie alive. For now.

The storyline of the new season is also expected to follow Caroline and Alaric, who must cope with the enormous losses they faced in season six. With Elena gone, Damon will struggle to make decisions and live a normal life. Season seven will focus on Damon spending some time with himself, figuring out how to cope with Elena’s absence and confide in Bonnie for moral support.

To catch up on all things involving blood, vampires, love triangles and the supernatural, watch the first five seasons, streaming now on Netflix. The Vampire Diaries season seven returns this fall to the CW.