TRAILER: Ryan Reynolds in New Orleans-Shot ‘Self/less’

by Jordan McGuire on March 5, 2015

New Orleans-shot Self/less stars Ben Kingsley and Ryan Reynolds. Kingsley plays the man who built New York. He is a self made man whose buildings symbolize the strength and power his life once had. When his health begins to deteriorate, he is brought an opportunity of immortality.

This sci-fi action film is directed by Immortals helmer Tarsem Singh. It seems that immortality is a common theme in Singh’s films. He also has directed multiple visually striking films such as Mirror Mirror, The Cell and The Fall. The film is written by David and Alex Pastor.

It’s very refreshing to watch Ryan Reynolds step out of his comedy shell and attack more solemn characters. He has continued the trend by co-starring with the most desirable sixty-nine year old on the planet Helen Mirren in The Woman in Gold. In the trailer above, Reynolds explores his emotionally and physically torn life in Self/less.

Shot in New Orleans, we catch glimpses of the historic cemeteries, beautiful houses on Esplanade and even see the small towns Louisiana has to offer. The film is set to be released July 31. Below is the Self/less teaser poster.