Urgent: Support Louisiana Film & Entertainment Industry

by Gretchen Erickson on May 5, 2016

Dear Friends and Members of the Film & Entertainment Industry,

Thank you to everyone who has submitted their on-line testimony!  We’ve heard from crew members, actors, jewelry stores, vintage antique stores, hotels, restaurants, machine shops, lumber yards, gyms, sign companies,  paint stores, homeowners, real estate companies, churches, schools, students, parents  and more from all over the state.

The deadline to submit your online testimony to us for the House Ways and Means Committee is Today May 5th, 8 p.m.  

We need you to reinforce the message that the film industry creates high paying Louisiana jobs, spends millions of dollars with Louisiana  businesses, keeps Louisiana students in state after graduation and attracts new Louisiana residents.

Help us as we attempt to secure a more predictable and stable industry environment for all of us.

Please tell your story by clicking the link below to answer the five quick questions.

Remember to follow the instructions carefully and thank you!

 – The Scene Team
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