Vince Vaughn and the Power of ‘True Detective’

by Elizabeth Glauser on April 29, 2015

cdn.indiewire.comNot too long ago audiences were treated to the glory that was the McConnaissance, best signified by an Oscar-winning performance by Matthew McConaughey in Dallas Buyer’s Club and his mesmerizing run on the inaugural season of True Detective. It reminded audiences of his ability to conquer some of the most demanding roles in recent memory. Prior to these successes, the Texan heartthrob was popularly known more for his Southern charm and classic good looks, despite bringing his A-list game to every project.

Vince Vaughn is poised for a similar career boost with his upcoming turn in the second season of True Detective. After a string of forgettable comedies with disappointing box office numbers, Vaughn can only go up. And with such a strong debut season, True Detective‘s next installment is bound to do great things for its new cast. And so, we must ask this question: is this the dawn of the Vaughnaissance?

Unfinished Business, The Internship and The Deliveryman were Vaughn’s last trio of films, all of which underwhelmed in theaters. Fans longed for the days of Vince the funnyman in Wedding Crashers and Old School. And looking further back, Vaughn can be found in more serious roles like The Cell and Psycho. While neither film was a masterpiece, they each showed the actor’s dramatic chops. And then there’s Vince’s turn in the under-seen and underrated drama The Prime Gig. Yes, its a thin cypher of Boiler Room which is itself a thin cypher of Glengarry Glen Ross. But Vince is great in it.

As an actor, he’s more than a fast-talker. Vince comes across as smart and charismatic, even when playing buffoons for laughs in broad comedies. Imagine him channeling all that through a Nic Pizzolatto script.

Maybe the combination of a memorable Vince Vaughn performance with the guaranteed gripping material of True Detective can bring forth a new era. The trailer doesn’t give us much of a glimpse into Vaughn’s role, but given how well Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey faired last season, there’s a good chance he’ll showcase some serious skills. This could potentially remind audiences that Vaughn is more than the fast-talking, punchlines that’s he’s seemed grow comfortable with recently. Potentially, this may be a whole new beginning for the actor – a revitalization of his career.

Catch the latest season of True Detective on HBO on Sunday, June 21st.